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The most amazing fact about Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is its longevity. It’s been roughly 13 years since its launch, but modders continue to create content that expands on the game’s world today.

Granted, the game studio’s Creations platform messed up thousands of mods, but that has never stopped these talented creators from their passion. One such project, called the Lordbound DLC, continues to be in development after six years.

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Credit: Lordbound Dev Team

Developed by the aptly named Lordbound Dev Team, DSO Gaming reveals that the DLC will feature 50 new dungeons and many additional non-playable characters (NPCs). These NPCs will also give the player 40 new quests that expand the map by around 3 square kilometers.

The report said Lordbound offers at least 60 hours of additional content for the most popular Elder Scrolls installment, which was also voted the Greatest Game of All Time in a Reddit poll. It even has an original score created by the development team!

Unfortunately, there is still no update regarding a release date for this up-and-coming DLC project for Skyrim. In the meantime, check out this Dungeons trailer for the expansion below:

When it comes to longevity, however, the distinction would have to go to the Skyblivion project. This is a remake of the fourth Elder Scrolls title, Oblivion, using its successor’s game engine. During the recent Community Creations Con (C3) over the weekend, Team Skyblivion revealed a development update and said that they’ll be ready to release the project in 2025.

Bethesda also began early access for its newest Elder Scrolls mobile game, Castles, in the Philippines. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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