New Out of Bounds Area Discovered in Starfield

starfield out of bounds

starfield out of bounds

Despite all criticisms, one thing that Bethesda has been praised for with Starfield is that the game has had the least buggy launch out of any Bethesda title. However, recent happenings across the Settled Systems are out to pull the literal rug from under players and drop them into a new area.

A video posted on the r/Starfield subreddit shows user u/jbla5t exploring The Lock. For those who don't know, The Lock is the maximum security prison that held the Legendary Jasper Kryx, founder of the Crimson Fleet. We visited this place during the quest, Echoes of the Past.

starfield new underground area glitch the lock mass hall
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Upon returning to The Lock and exploring its halls for loot, the player walked into what seems to be a simple mess hall. However, as he walks ahead, the game drops him into the floor and onto a surface right out of bounds. You can see the whole underside of the map in this new area. Reportedly, he managed to find his way back and replicate this to enter the new area repeatedly.

Those of you familiar with the console commands might recognize this as a failure of the collision detector. The collision mesh on the floor fails to detect players and drops them right through the map. The out-of-bounds technique has been incredibly popular for speed runs and infinite Credit farms.

Other players also reported facing collision detection issues where none previously existed. While this might be bothersome for some, others might see this as an opportunity to discover even quicker routes for speed runs and locations for potential Credit Farming opportunities!

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