Starfield Missed The Mark Walkthrough

starfield missed the mark bonifac pointing gun at maldonado

starfield missed the mark bonifac pointing gun at maldonado

Track down the missing employee Bonifac Maksimov and find out the truth behind the missing data and murdered courier.

How to Unlock Missed The Mark

You unlock the Missed The Mark quest on Gagarin after completing the previous quest, Missed Connections. The quest ends with a missing data slate and Helena asking you to track it down.

Missed The Mark Walkthrough

Find Bonifac Maksimov on Hawley

Helena has tracked down Bonifac Maksimov's ship to the Reclaimed Outpost on Hawley, a moon of Olivas in Alpha Centauri. Make your way there to find out what's going on.

starfield missed the mark hawley reclaimed outpost
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Speak to Bonifac

The facility will have patrols of Ecliptic Mercenaries guarding the perimeter. You can fight them or make your way inside while ignoring them.

Inside, you'll have to fight through a bunch of mercenaries in a large room.

starfield missed the mark ecliptic mercenaries
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You'll find Bonifac tied up on the first floor of this large room. Make your way to him and free him. He'll explain that he was kidnapped and that a man named Maldonado is trying to sell the data on a black market and frame Bonifac.

starfield missed the mark free bonifac
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He'll ask you to let him join you in finding Maldonado, who is somewhere in the facility.

Where is the Entryway Key?

You might want to go to Maldonado through the entryway key, but this door can only be unlocked from the other side. The key is lying on a table next to the door. To reach Maldonado, you must take a corridor on the first floor and go around the facility.

Grab the Office Key on the table to the left on this side of the door for an easier time.

Find Maldonado

Before leaving for the next area, it'd be helpful to pick the lock on the door on the left as it contains a Galbank Credtank with around 5000 Credits. We also found a Legendary Drum Beat.

starfield missed the mark credtank
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Make your way through the corridor, and you'll reach another large room full of Ecliptic Mercenaries with some elites in the mix.

Eliminate Maldonado's Forces

You'll have to kill Maldonado's forces to proceed with the quest. If you didn't pick the office key, this can be tricky as you have to kill an enemy in that room. There are two ways of dealing with him if you don't have the key:

  • Lockpick the door and make your way inside.
  • There's a vent on the other side of the room high up in the wall that leads to the office.
starfield missed the mark the vent
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Speak to Maldonado

Once you've killed all the mercenaries, you can confront Maldonado and demand the slate. At this point, he'll make you an offer to take an extra cut of the Credits and kill and pin the blame on Bonifac.

starfield missed the mark maldonado dialogue
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Should you Kill Maldonado or Bonifac Maksimov?

  • If you choose to side with Maldonado, apart from being an evil decision, you'll only get 4000 Credits on top of the quest rewards.
  • Siding with Bonifac will mean you have to fight and kill Maldonado. It will also get you extra Credits from Helena as part of the quest rewards.
starfield missed the mark bonifac pointing gun at maldonado
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Once you're done, loot the crates in the adjacent rooms.

Return to Helena

Whatever decision you make, you have to return to Helena and report what happened. This will net you your quest reward and conclude the quest Missed The Mark.

starfield missed the mark speak to helena
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Missed The Mark Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - (4000 from Maldonado) + Level Dependant
starfield missed the mark quest rewards
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That concludes the quest Missed The Mark. For more quests around Gagarin, try out the Sure Bet quest, which has a unique dungeon.

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