Starfield Due in Full Quest Walkthrough

starfield due in full galbank new atlantis

starfield due in full galbank new atlantis

Due in Full is a four-part quest in Starfield that you can repeat multiple times with different objectives. It's one of the quests that takes full advantage of the giant open galaxy and has you interact with a lot of the game's procedurally generated worlds. Take on the role of one of Galbank's debt collectors and decide the fate of characters such as Dieter Maliki and the Delinquent Mercenary in the quest Due in Full.

How to Unlock Due in Full

You can start this quest as soon as you land in New Atlantis. Head to the commercial district and go straight ahead till you come across the Galbank building on your left. Head inside and speak to Landry Hollifield at the reception desk. He'll ask you to work with him to collect debt from defaulters.

starfield due in full speak to landry
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Due In Full Walkthrough

The Due in Full quest can be completed up to a total of four times. When you talk to Landry, he'll give you a new target. Each target will spawn on a randomly chosen planet. If you want all the rewards, we suggest doing the quest all four times.

Collect Dieter Maliki's Debt

First, we have Dieter Maliki, who fled to a remote shack to escape his debt. Dieter Maliki is a standard con man who took out a loan for a restaurant franchise and ran away with the Credits.

starfield eu in full dieter dialogue
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When you travel to where Dieter is, he'll be all alone, and you can speak to him. Here, you'll have three options:

  • Kill Dieter Maliki: The easiest method to deal with Dieter.
  • Persuade Dieter Maliki: This method will get you extra Credits for your effort. Save and take a Hippolyta before the persuasion attempt.
  • Cut a deal with Dieter Maliki: Dieter will refuse and immediately attack you. You'll have to kill him.

You can return to Landry and collect your rewards regardless of your choice. Speak to him again for your next mark.

Kill the Delinquent Spacer Ship

The second target is a Spacer who got a loan approved accidentally due to an error in the system. You'll be assigned a random planet or moon to track down the Delinquent Spacer Ship.

starfield due in full spacer ships combat
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You won't have any options here as you'll be attacked by three Spacer Ships as soon as you Grav Jump to the marked location. It can be a tough battle if you haven't put in time to upgrade your ship. Luckily, you're only gunning for the target ship. You can kill the target and Grav Jump away to complete the objective. Bounty Hunting mission complete. Return to Landry for your reward.

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Collect Delinquent CEO's Debt Collect

The third debt collection is the lengthiest one to do. A CEO has gone AWOL, and nobody knows what happened there. Either they fled, or unsavory individuals attacked them. Head to the randomly generated location and fight through whatever abandoned facility you get.

starfield due in full delinquent CEO dialogue
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You'll have to fight through Ecliptic Mercenaries or the Crimson Fleet to get to the Delinquent CEO. However, the quest might be bugged, and you can only speak to her once you kill all the enemies, which is time-consuming. In this case, you also have the option just to kill her and book it. If you save her, she's thankful and highly cooperative.

Delinquent Mercenary's Debt

The last target is a loyal old customer who always used to pay his dues. This mercenary maxed out his Credit loan limits and disappeared. It's up to you to find and confront the man about his debt. Laundry will suggest you go easy on him. Once you go to the randomly generated location, he'll be alone, living in a remote little space cabin.

starfield due in full old mercenary dialogue options
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You can go up to talk to him, and you'll get three choices here:

  • Attack and kill the Mercenary to collect the debt. This will result in a reduced payout.
  • Lie to Laundry about finding the man dead or admit that you couldn't bring yourself to kill him. Laundry will understand and give you the same reward as normal.
  • The last option is to pay off the man's debt of 10000 Credits yourself. This will reward you with the same quest rewards and the unique pistol Solace.

That concludes our guide for all four debtors in the Due In Full line of quests. If you're looking for more repeatable quests, get the unique Monster Costume in the quest Go Away Tourists.

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