Emil Pagliarulo Speaks Out About Starfield Criticism

Emil Pagliarulo

Emil Pagliarulo

We’ve seen Bethesda’s customer service representatives answer negative testimonials on Steam. Still, we haven’t seen a Starfield development team leader responding to these criticisms on Steam, Reddit, or X… until now.

On Wednesday, December 13 at 12:47 PM Eastern Time, Studio Design Director Emil Pagliarulo published a thread on X expressing his thoughts on the negative feedback their latest open-world RPG consistently receives from the gaming community.

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Credit: X/Emil Pagliarulo

Not interested in pulling his punches back, Emil started his tirade by noting how disconnected the critics are from the “realities of game development.”

In succeeding threads, Emil admitted that there was a time as a gaming reviewer at Adrenaline Vault when he spoke about what he thought on the Internet. However, he said, that was when he didn’t work in Bethesda and had not yet been exposed to the inner workings of game development.

Although he admitted to not trying to change anyone’s mind, the Bethesda director described game development as a life of concessions, rapid changes, and constantly shifting resources.

He also said that no developer wants to create a bad game, with each one starting with a perfect image in mind that ultimately evolves in tune with the obstacles the team encounters and the creative decisions that they have to make.

While admitting that anyone can hate a game as is their right, he asked critics to “not fool [themselves]” into thinking that they have an intimate knowledge of the factors that led to the output they are criticizing.

Last but not least, Emil ended his thread by encouraging people to play games, express their dissatisfaction or satisfaction, and remember that the games they play are the fruits of the labor of those involved.

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