Will Starfield Run at 60FPS on Xbox?

seriex x starfield

seriex x starfield

Graphical performance in Starfield has raised some ruckus in the days immediately after launch. Nvidia GPUs, for instance, were having trouble running at 60 fps even in mid-quality resolution.

This prompted the creation of two DLSS3 mods and releasing an Nvidia Game Ready driver to remedy the issue.

Bethesda is now beta testing a patch that will bring native DLSS support to Starfield that will now allow Nvidia GPUs to run at more than 100 FPS when RTX is turned on. The feedback has been very positive so far.

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This brings to mind another question - what about the Xbox consoles, whose performance is limited to 30 FPS?

Well, Digital Foundry seems to think that 60 FPS on Xbox Series X is now a viable reality based on their observations on the beta patch.

Digital Foundry said that the beta patch resulted in a 17% improvement in the game’s frame rates on a lower-tier Ryzen 5 3600 system, which hit the 60 FPS rate more frequently than before the patch was installed.

The outlet then pointed out that the Xbox Series X has a similar performance profile to the Ryzen 5 3600. Because of the improvements in performance with the beta patch installed on that system, DF thinks that this means Bethesda could implement a performance mode on the Series X in the future.

Of course, that remains to be seen yet, but this is a sign that Bethesda has a performance benchmark to look at when considering performance boosts for the Xbox Series X and, hopefully, the Series S.

Even if the Xbox Series S and X were frame-locked to 30 FPS at launch, Starfield did contribute to a significant amount of console sales in the United Kingdom during early access from August 31 to September 6.

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