Pete Hines - "We Could’ve Produced Less Buggy Games"

pete hines with a starfield backdrop

pete hines with a starfield backdrop

Bugs are inevitable when it comes to new game releases. Reports say that Bethesda might have minimized the number of bugs with their new open-world game set in space, Starfield.

That didn’t stop the studio’s publishing czar from speaking out about the bugs that appear in their releases.

PC Gamer quoted Peter Hines, Bethesda’s publishing chief, saying that the studio “embraces chaos” in a possible reference to bugs in early releases of Starfield.

Less Buggy, Less Risky

Hines even said that they could have made a “safer, less buggy, less risky” game if they really wanted to, but they didn’t.

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Credit: Bethesda

In the interview, Hines further explained that the studio wants to “lean into… player freedom.” Hines acknowledged that, for example, there would be times that another player’s avatar might stand too close to the one the player is piloting, but said that that is just freedom.

The things that happen because of that, we absolutely love and embrace,” the head of publishing explained.

Bethesda has just made early access available to players who have bought Constellation and Premium editions of Starfield. After early access was activated, Starfield has already seen more than 230,000 concurrent gamers in just two hours after the game was made available on Steam.

Video Games Chronicle said this is the sixth-highest peak concurrent user count on the platform for a game on early access.

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Credit: Bethesda

Players remarked on Reddit last Wednesday that they would have preferred to keep a bug that causes companions to float in the air in the final version. User ScuttleMeta said it would have been a source of laughter if he saw one of the NPCs floating away “like a balloon.”

As part of making early access available, Bethesda has released the companion app for the Chronomark Watch. The app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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