Familiarity May Be Starfield’s Biggest Flaw, Journalist Says

todd howard

todd howard

There’s no denying that Starfield had been one of Bethesda’s biggest launches. A whopping 1 million players signed on to the game during early access. Four million soon followed once the game was launched officially on September 6, and 5 million more in the next three weeks.

As all trends go, however, Starfield started to suffer plummeting scores on Steam. It currently holds a “Mixed” rating in the cloud gaming platform, and the player count dwindled to the point that Battlefield 2042 and even The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim overtook its statistics.

While Paul Tassi said that Starfield is not yet down for the count and can bounce back in the future, another author writes that the game may be suffering from an abundance of familiar content than from anything it lacks.

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Will Bethesda be saying goodbye to the top spot?

According to Game Rant’s William Arthur Carter, Starfield features all the elements that made its predecessor popular. While it acknowledges that the game got many things right, Carter suggests that sticking to the same formula will make Bethesda lag in an age where its competitors have innovated to introduce groundbreaking elements into their offerings.

By playing safe with its newest game’s core mechanics, Carter said that several people, including its fans, may wonder if Bethesda is still interested in producing top-quality games and setting the standard high like it did with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Nevertheless, Starfield is still in its third month and may have plenty of upcoming updates that could change the field for Bethesda. It has yet to release official modding support for its latest open-world RPG and has not yet unveiled any details for its upcoming DLC, “Shattered Space.”

As Paul Tassi indicated, Starfield may bounce back when this new content rolls out into the open.

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