Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest - Legacy's End Walkthrough

crimson fleet

crimson fleet

The final battle has arrived. It's time to dismantle the United Colonies' SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. Whatever your decision, you must see it through with some brutal starship combat ahead of you in the Legacy's End quest. Decide which faction reigns supreme over this part of the Settled Systems.

Legacy's End Walkthrough

Defeat the Crimson Fleet/UC SysDef Scouts

As soon as you Grav Jump to the Vigilance or The Key, you'll have to defeat some ships from the other side. You'll be backing up the stationed defense forces, so it should be easy enough.

starfield legacy's end defend the key or beat the scouts
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Board the UC Vigilance/The Key

Dock with the main ship after you've dealt with the forward force from either side.

starfield legacy's end board the UC vigilance
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We faced a bug where trying to board the UC Vigilance would lock your game with the ship docked there, and you would be unable to do anything. Be sure to keep a save file for backup.

Speak to Delgado/Commander Ikande

Speak to either Delgado or Commander Ikande, who will lay out the plan from their side to you. Depending on your side, the plan involves either defending or destroying the Crimson Fleet Defensive Batteries.

starfield legacy's end speak to delgado and hand over kryx's legacy
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If you choose to side with the UC SysDef, now is the best time to hand in all the Crimson Fleet evidence slates to Lt Toft. This will get all the major players in the Crimson Fleet arrested and make your upcoming battle a lot easier.

Secure/Disable Defensive Battery Alpha, Beta, and Gamma

The three batteries are located at a distance from The Key in the orbit of Suvorov. You'll have to Grav Jump to each one and destroy the attacking/defending force. You'll also run into Crimson Fleet captains from previous quests here. You'll get support from your faction regardless of your side. Stock up on Ship Parts before heading to the Battle at The Key.

starfield legacy's end defensive battery locations around suvorov
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Destroy the Crimson Fleet Defenders/Vigilance Escort Ships

It's time for one of the largest space battles in Starfield. The UC Vigilance will attempt an all-out assault on The Key. You'll have to take down the UC Vigilance's Escort Fleet or the Crimson Fleet Defence Force. It'll be a very tough battle either way, where you have to deal with a large number of ships and multiple waves of reinforcements.

starfield legacy's end combat against the UC vigilance
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Fighting the Crimson Fleet means fighting all the key players and captains you've met throughout the quest line. If you have them arrested, they will not show up, making the battle easier. Otherwise, you'll have to fight the following captains:

  • Lady Lyudmila (Evgeny Rokov)
  • Moonchild (Estelle Vincent)
  • Freja's Rage (Mathis Castillo)
  • Jade Swan (Huan Daiyu)
  • Blind Bet (Adler Kemp)

Not only this, but you'll have to face some mini-turrets and several other Crimson Fleet ships while it's just you, Lt. Toft, and Alex Vong. You'll have to buy time for the UC Vigilance to arrive, as Naeva Mora has held it back. Once it arrives after five minutes or after you've destroyed enough ships, nothing on the Crimson Fleet's side can scratch it.

On the other hand, while there are fewer enemies on the UC SysDef side, they come with the UC Vigilance, which is invincible and will relentlessly attack you until you clean up its massive Escort Squad and reinforcements. The difficulty depends on how you dealt with the Crimson Fleet captains.

Board the UC Vigilance/The Key

Now that you have all the fighters disabled, it's time to shoot down the shields for the main base and dock with either the UC Vigilance or The Key.

starfield legacy's end uc vigilance shoot down the shields
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Reach the Operations Center (Crimson Fleet Objective)

While you might be familiar with the UC SysDef layout, you'll have to take several detours here to reach the Operations Center. Each area will be crawling with UC SysDef soldiers, turrets, and Robots. However, you'll also get support from fellow Crimson Fleet Members in each area, and you can also talk with them.

starfield legacy's end speak with huan daiyu
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  • Speak with Evgeny Rokov
  • Speak with Mathis Castillo
  • Speak with Naeva Mora
  • Speak to Adler Kemp
  • Speak with Huan Daiyu
starfield legacy's end sysdef enemies
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Be sure to loot the various rooms and containers while you're here as there are loads of resources on board the UC Vigilance. Fight through the rooms, and you'll eventually reach the Operation Center. There are no elite enemies to worry about here.

Secure the Brig (Crimson Fleet Objective)

You also have the optional objective of breaking into and securing the brig. You can release any arrested prisoners here and have them join you in the fight against the UC SysDef on board the ship. You can release them by killing the guard, stealing his keycard, and interacting with the computer.

starfield legacy's end brig password from corpse
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Reach the Operations Center (The Key)

While you might know the interior of The Key, many of the paths will be sealed here, and there will be a welcome party waiting to gun you down in the Atrium. Make your way there and deal with Jasmine and her soldiers. The Key will be in lockdown, and you must interact with her computer to open the path through the Vendors.

The Vendors, Radley Jaso, Taryn Kallis, Aludra Tahan, Isra Liskova, and Zuri Abara, will attack you, and you'll have to flush them out of their shops. Be sure to loot their bodies and shops for all the merchandise.

Next, you'll have to fight Mathis Castillo and his Auto-Rivet, granted you didn't stop him from joining the Fleet. Then you need to fight through The Last Nova and deal with Bog the Bartender. Open up the path here and proceed ahead.

starfield legacy's end adler kemp enemy fight
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Evgeny Rokov and Adler Kemp will rush you as you move forward, but they're easy enough to deal with. Make your way to Delgado after this.

Deactivate Shinya Voss' Bomb(SysDef Objective)

Delgado will have activated Shinya Voss' bomb. You can help deactivate the bomb to show him some mercy or let him die right there—your choice. To save Shinya Voss, you need to access the terminal in the Operation Center and deactivate it from there manually. This can only be done after confronting Delgado.

starfield legacy's end shinya voss bomb dialogue
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Confront Commander Kibwe Ikande (Crimson Fleet)

Commander Kibwe Ikande and Lt. Toft will await you at the Operations Center. They'll tell you they've rigged the ship to blow up and refuse to deactivate it. You have three choices here:

  • Attack him to steal the controls
  • Persuade him to stop the self-destruct
  • Threat torture on soldiers with Wanted trait

The peaceful options will result in him standing down and being taken prisoner by Naeva Mora.

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If you choose to fight him, you'll have to deal with him and Toft, who have a piece of the code. They're pretty tough and will be accompanied by turrets and robots.

Confront Delgado (UC SysDef)

Delgado will be the only one waiting for you in the Operations Center, and similar to Ikande, he has triggered a self-destruct sequence. You have two options here:

  • Attack
  • Persuade (Tell him his story won't end here)
starfield legacy's end confront delgado in operations center
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If you choose to attack Delgado, you'll now have to run to the Reactor room and shut them all off. Here, you will face a massive firefight against a horde of pirates, including Huan Daiyu and Estelle Vincent. When you get to the last reactor, Delgado himself will show up, and you'll have to kill him. He can be pretty tough and sports the unique weapon Tempest. Tear him down with your Revenant and shut down the self-destruct sequence.

Crimson Fleet Rewards

Once you return to The Key, Delgado, Jasmine, and Naeva Mora will be throwing a celebration at the Operations Center. Delgado will give a short but meaningful speech to congratulate you and the Fleet.

starfield legacy's end delgado speech
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If you led the Crimson Fleet to victory, Naeva Mora will promote you from the rank of Rook, and you will get your own room within The Key. It's no house, but it's a good place to have. Mathis will also join you as a companion if you didn't rat him out earlier.

Additionally, you can loot whatever you want from the UC Vigilance, and all Crimson Fleet enemies in the Settled Systems will be friendly towards you. You can also keep taking future Crimson Fleet quest board missions.

UC SysDef Rewards

Once you return to the UC Vigilance, Commander Kibwe Ikande and Lt. Toft will both congratulate you for a job well done. You can keep taking UC SysDef missions and submit more evidence to Lt. Toft.

Furthermore, Lt. Toft will now offer ship repair services, and you'll have access to some unique new UC ship parts.

Legacy's End Quest Reward

Regardless of which side you take, you receive the following rewards:

  • XP - 350
  • Credits - 250000
starfield legacy's end rewards
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Congratulations, this finishes the Legacy's End quest and the Crimson Fleet questline.

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