Starfield Side Quest - Ghost Hunt

starfield ghost hunt eleos retreat main support crystal in cavern

starfield ghost hunt eleos retreat main support crystal in cavern

You've saved Kilman, but the threat of his assailants still looms out there. You need to track down whoever did this and determine why they're targeting the Eleos Retreat. Be ready for tough combat against Model S Robots while infiltrating the Kidnapper's Hideout in the quest Ghost Hunt.

Ghost Hunt Walkthrough

Speak to Sloan

After completing the previous quest, Dead Stop, speak to Sloan, and she'll let you know of a facility she believes is the hideout for the kidnapper.

starfield ghost hunt speak to sloan about kidnapper
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Find the Kidnapper's Hideout

This facility is also quite a ways from the Eleos Retreat. We suggest fast traveling to the Mineral Caves from the previous quest and then walking to the Kidnapper's Hideout.

starfield ghost hunt kidnapper's hideout
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Defeat the Enemies to Get to the Kidnapper's Quarters

Once you're there, you can enter the facility. However, the facility is full of several dozen robots. These include turrets, Model A Robots, and multiple Model S Robots. You can enter the first room by defeating a robot and a turret. Explosives will come in handy.

The next large room will have an area to the right where you'll have to fight two Model S Robots and a Model A robot alongside turrets. There isn't much in the way of loot here, but the enemies are worth the XP if you're looking for some combat.

starfield ghost hunt model s robot
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The path ahead is actually on the left side, where the room will have two Model S Robots waiting for you together. If you're having trouble taking them down, we suggest falling back and using the explosive containers in the room behind you.

starfield ghost hunt model s robot two
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Use the Shortcut to Get to the Kidnapper's Quarters

Alternatively, you can find a shortcut on the left side of the main room. Open up the vent and proceed ahead. Cut open the door with a Cutter, and you'll only have to deal with a single Model A Robot and a Turret.

starfield ghost hunt shortcut location
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Search the Kidnapper's Quarters for Clues

Inside the Kidnapper's Quarters, you can find a Science Crate with some good loot and pick up a corrupted slate. This slate is the evidence you're looking for. There's also a locked door behind you, which only leads to a small safe.

starfield ghost hunt corrupted slate
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Discuss Your Findings with the Retreat Staff

Return to the Eleos Retreat and discuss what you've found with the Staff there. They'll all be waiting for you in the infirmary. After analyzing the Corrupted Slate, they'll conclude that the kidnappers are two bounty hunters from the Tracker's Alliance.

starfield ghost hunt give slate to sloan
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This will complete the quest and unlock the next part of this questline in the quest Exorcism, where you need to deal with the Bounty Hunters on behalf of the Eleos Retreat. We're just one more step away from that legendary Peacemaker gear.

starfield ghost hunt decide what to do with sloan
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Ghost Hunt Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 75
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Unlocks Exorcism quest
starfield ghost hunt rewards
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Just one more step left to get your hands on the Legendary Peacemaker spacesuit set and weapon. Let's deal with those bounty hunters in the next quest, Exorcism.

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