Be a Farmer, or Build and Pilot a Mech in Starfield

mechs in starfield
Credit: TANKGIRL444

mechs in starfield
Credit: TANKGIRL444

Bethesda has been quiet regarding Starfield DLC and other additions they previously announced. The promised six-weekly updates have been rolling out, but they haven't exactly set the community on fire. Complaints have been directed at the content of these updates, as they have mostly been bug fixes and other minor QoL improvements so far.

The community's desire for new features in Starfield, such as the ability to pilot the Mechs, has been met with silence from Bethesda. The studio's current focus on its PR campaign for the Fallout TV show with Amazon's Prime Video has seemingly overshadowed these requests.

As always, fans will fix it; this time, they have done more than just fix it. A new mod has arrived that allows you to pilot the Mechs, and you can now build your own Mech and much more with this new mod.

TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse
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Credit: TANKGIRL444

Over on Nexus mods, modder TankGirl4444 shared their gigantic undertaking, TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse, one of the biggest Starfield mods the community has created so far.

Finally, fans can build and pilot a Mech, just like the soldiers who used them in the Colony War. It is about time Bethesda took some notes and got to work on some actual content for their own game!

This mod took TankGirl4444 over a month to make and expands on previous uploads that expanded player homes and buildings in the space RPG.

TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse mod revolutionizes the Outpost mechanic, providing players with a streamlined, more efficient method of mining various materials without needing multiple outposts. It's a game-changer for those who love to build in Starfield.

That's not all. This mod also adds the ability to farm, craft, and sell fruits and vegetables. Livestock also is an added feature, as is the colony food printer, a new workbench that adds new food and recipes.

Seeing an official update of this magnitude would go down so well with the ever-waiting Starfield fan base; we can only hope that after the Fallout TV show press run is over, they set their sights on getting meatier official updates completed as well as some info on the elusive Shattered Space DLC.

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