Starfield’s Land Vehicle First Look

starfield barrett likes the new land rover

starfield barrett likes the new land rover

Starfield players are finally getting their hands on some much-deserved quality-of-life changes courtesy of the latest update, which is currently on public testing via the Steam Beta platform.

There’s no doubt that Starfield suffered from an inexplicable lack of features that became apparent once the hype of its highly successful launch died down. For example, players had to suffer through the third-person, zoomed-in dialogue camera when speaking with non-playable characters or NPCs if they didn’t fancy the use of mods.

Well, with the launch of its newest update, Bethesda’s space exploration RPG players can say goodbye to that undesirable feature and hello to some cool new stuff once it goes public.

The studio even put together a video featurette discussing some of the changes in Update 1.11.33, which entered Steam Beta yesterday.

In the video, Bethesda Community Manager Jess Finster spoke with Lead Producer Joe Mueller, Art Director Istvan Pely, and Creative Director Tim Lamb, who all shared what players can look forward to Bethesda for Starfield.

According to Pely, players can now easily navigate cities in Starfield thanks to two new features - City Maps and Location Markers. The maps boast a new aesthetic that shows not only the locations in a city but also the terrain features - in other words, like Google Maps in space.

On the other hand, the Location Markers facilitate more intuitive navigation by popping up whenever the players turn their characters in the general directions of specific locations in the city.

Joe Mueller, in turn, explained the new gameplay options. Aside from customizable combat difficulty, where players can adjust the settings for gun fights and ship combat, players can now fine-tune their individual experiences by adjusting vendor credit capacity and their characters’ carry weight tolerances.

With these new customization options, Todd Howard’s belief that encumbrance is a personal choice is driven further home in Starfield.

starfield developer tests a space rover
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Credit: YouTube/Bethesda

However, the most significant change comes from Tim Lamb, who revealed that the developers have already begun testing the first-ever land vehicle for Starfield. The segment even shows a team member taking a space rover out for a spin on a desert environment!

We find the timing of this video curious, as it comes immediately after Super73's Instagram reveal of an official Starfield electric bike.

In any case, Update 1.11.33 offers plenty of changes to look forward to. Check out the patch notes here!

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