Bethesda Reveals A Different Way To Travel With Starfield

todd howard notes official starfield ebike

todd howard notes official starfield ebike

Starfield players have been eagerly anticipating an update that will introduce new ways of planetary travel, as promised last year. Meanwhile, Super73, a renowned bike builder, has beaten them to the punch by giving away an official Starfield bicycle to a lucky winner.

For months now, fans of Bethesda’s space explorer, Starfield, have been pressuring Bethesda Game Studios to add ways that they could traverse the surface of planets aside from walking.

There have been numerous suggestions, including space rovers like those that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration had sent to the surface of Mars.

Bethesda yielded, or so it seemed and announced late last year that the studio would be releasing a chain of updates within six weeks of one another that would add, among others, the much-requested alternative travel modes.

While Bethesda has been true to its word by releasing a series of updates featuring new elements like Photo Mode facial expressions and planetary shadows, the much-anticipated planetary travel modes are still on the horizon.

Ironically, Bethesda recently partnered with the popular custom bike builder Super73 to create a bespoke model that was then given away as a prize for a giveaway. Behold the Starfield electric bike, which is equipped with a custom trellis frame, game decals, and a Constellation-designed utility box.

The irony was not lost on Reddit users, however.

One user went as far as to comment that the e-bike would probably deploy together with the landing bays that are supposed to arrive with the next update. Another said that it is a comfort to know that, at the least, they’ll know how the in-game bikes would look when Bethesda finally decides to add land-based vehicles to the game.

While the start of the Steam Beta period has not been confirmed, Todd Howard had promised in a recent interview that there’ll be an announcement this week of a major update that will add many features like city maps.

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