Player Discovers You Can Scan in Space Without the Menus

starfield ship

starfield ship

It’s incredible how some features in Starfield could hide in plain sight, waiting for you to discover them in the middle of your journey.

It’s a ‘Eureka’ moment, especially when you realize how much time and effort such a feature could save had you known about it initially.

This is what Reddit user T-Lightning must have felt recently when he found out, after spending 400-plus hours in the game, that he can actively use the scanner while piloting his space vessel.

This feature was already introduced at the start of the game. However, users like T-Lightning - and ourselves! - have overlooked that fact. As a result, many of us had to go through menus to scan a planet and, most importantly, to fast travel.

As the menus and loading screens for fast travel have become many players'' pet peeves, using the scanner while piloting their vessels can make space travel more seamless than ever before.

One user, kellymeister, agreed that using the scanner to fast travel to planets and POIs within a star system makes “a big difference” to Starfield’s immersion potential. If this feature can be used to fast travel to other star systems, they opined, Bethesda’s biggest RPG to date “would be wildly different.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to start using this feature more and see how it makes playing Starfield a significantly better experience.

During early access, game streamer Alannah Pearce discovered she could travel directly to Pluto without fast travel. It took her 7 hours and led to the discovery that you can’t land on the planet without going through the fast travel menu.

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