Space Ronin Makes His Entrance in Starfield

starfield backgrounds

starfield backgrounds

Starfield has plenty of backgrounds, but with mods, everyone can create many others for their enjoyment or the community’s. That is what this mod does - it makes possible a new character background called “Space Ronin.”

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Credit: Nexus

Historically, ronin are samurai who have lost employment after their clan has been wiped out or have voluntarily left their clan. They become wandering swordsmen, becoming adept at blending with crowds as they seek new work or lords to be of service.

This new mod brings that character to Starfield with all the character perks and traits appropriate to the player.

According to the modder, this mod was created by request. The mod brings new effects to the Pain Tolerance and Stealth traits. If the player can rank up their Stealth attribute to Rank 4, they get a perk that gives them a 10% chance of dealing out a critical attack.

On the other hand, attaining Rank 4 in Pain Tolerance makes the player 50% resistant to Stagger, which is eliminated if the player can also achieve 100% weight lifting.

Additionally, the mod comes with the modder’s previous Dueling Rework mod.

You should enjoy additional perks when you install this mod with the Weight Lifting Plus Mod. Not only does this mod reduce Stagger, but it also has perks that reduce encumbrance at varying rates as the player levels up.

You should also check the Beefy Backgrounds mod, which gives you additional storage space on your ship if you choose a certain background.

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