Player Shocked to Find a Level 492 Hunter Waiting for a Showdown

the hunter starfield

the hunter starfield

The beauty of New Game+ in Starfield is that it allows you to explore a new universe with all your knowledge and skills acquired in the previous reality still intact. You could also choose to redo missions you’ve already taken by selecting specific dialogue options.

For instance, not informing Sarah Morgan at The Lodge that you’ve been in another similar universe before will allow you to repeat all of the missions from your first run-through. This includes the final set of quests from the Hunter and the Emissary, whom you’ll still face as opponents near the end of the story.

You’d think you’re virtually invincible against the two Starborn because you’ve become stronger since you last faced them. If you had a similar experience with X user richiejsmith83, you would have been shocked to see that the Hunter is much more powerful the second time!

Richiejsmith83 told a fellow X user in the comments that he is currently at Level 328. While he probably expected that the game would scale the Hunter up to catch up with him, he certainly didn’t expect the Starborn to be at level 492!

The post garnered many hilarious replies, with user Rebel_13 suggesting that the Hunter had farmed multiple universes to get to where he is now. On the other hand, user DakotaWillKnow remarked that he didn’t know NPCs to go as high as the Hunter did now.

Many players have already come forward with their most interesting New Game+ experiences, with Niko Mueller being one of the first to publicly reveal that they had met their original character in one of his later universes.

Hilariously enough, one player also visited the Lodge in New Game+ to discover that one of the main companions, Sarah Morgan, has been turned into a plant.

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