NG+ Takes a Hilarious Turn as Sarah Morgan Becomes a Plant!

sarah morgan plants

sarah morgan plants

One of the allures of Starfield and its NG+ game mechanic is not knowing what’s waiting for you on the other side of Unity. You have no idea what changes you’ll see in the next alternate universe - no matter how many times you walk through the Unity, you won’t have any way of knowing what everyone is doing when you get there.

X user Xbox Know It All had the shock of his life when he encountered the next universe’s Sarah Morgan in a version that he didn’t expect. That’s because, in this universe, the Constellation’s steadfast officer is a plant in The Lodge.

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Credit: X/Xbox Know It All

Many players have already reported oddities in their NG+ experiences. One player strode into The Lodge only to find a group of children gathering about the main table. Upon inspection, these are child versions of the members of the Constellation.

And who would forget about Niko Mueller, who uploaded a video of his main character meeting her NG0 version? Not only that, he also convinced his base character to join his current team!

It’s an exciting time for Starfield as Bethesda is set to launch multiple updates, one of which is already in Steam Beta and has reportedly introduced major changes to the game’s environment, performance, and lighting!

Who knows? In a few months, Starfield might be able to go toe-to-toe with the newest kid in town, the monster-collecting RPG Palworld on Steam and Game Pass.

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