Starfield Community - Fan Creates 3D Printed Eon Pistol

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Reloading the eon pistol in game
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield fans are all counting down the days till September, the game is almost here. Many fans are happy with the official merchandise from Bethesda available already. For one fan, this was not enough, and they went to the crazy lengths of 3D printing one of Starfield's Eon Pistol weapons.

Along with the available versions of the game available to pre-order, Bethesda has made some cool merchandise available. For the majority, picking up one of the Starfield Xbox controllers, or splashing out on the Starfield Official Xbox headset is enough to satisfy their need to consume.

Fan Creations

A movie style poster for Starfield with cosmonauts looking into space
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Credit: Bethesda
Fan creations are ramping up

Other fans who are a bit more talented, and wanted something extra, have taken things up a notch. One fan has custom-made a Starfield keyboard, which will be awesome for playing the game on PC. It really does look good enough to be an official piece of merch, Bethesda is missing a trick not releasing their own keyboard.

Then we have fans who like to go a step above accessories and controller options. One Starfield fanatic over on Reddit has 3D printed his own Eon Pistol from the game! Reddit user Lazureus has crafted an accurate replica from mere seconds of on-screen footage as a reference. While the item isn't fully finished, it already looks rather nice.

Eon Pistol

In game the player reloads an Eon Pistol
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Credit: Bethesda
Eon pistol could be the default handgun

The Eon Pistol was shown in the gameplay footage during the recent Starfield direct. Manufactured by on Jemison by Combatech, the Eon Pistol is a small firearm that will be handy when you are low on primary weapon ammunition. It uses 7.77x37mm caseless ammo in standard mags of 12, and is in the ranged weapons class.

Of course, as more information becomes available, we will update the guide on the Eon Pistol and every other weapon in Starfield.

The community has been creating some amazing things on the road to release. Starfield launching will surely bring with it even more amazing creations, we can't wait to see them. While you are here, why not check out some of our other guides and articles like Starfield - Food and Drink, or Starfield - Day One Patch Update?


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