Starfield Explorer NPCs Have Their Own Pets?

starfield pets

starfield pets

Something that we've always wondered while exploring the various cities of Starfield has been the quest: where are the pets? Surely, humanity must've brought along some cats or dogs, right? Well, a player might have found the answer to this question, and it's surprising that it took so long. The next question is how to get your own pet.

Recently, on X, a user uploaded a video showcasing an NPC named Paisley Hopkins just strolling around on the surface of a moon with her pet. Innocuous enough, right? But she's accompanied by what seems to be a large grey reptile with orange scales protruding from its back like a dinosaur.

starfield space pet paisley dialogue
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That's not all. Upon inquiry, Paisly mentions that there are several laws in the Settled Systems regarding the transport and company of alien pets. However, her case seems to be unique as her mother was the one who raised the alien baby from its egg and passed it down to Paisley.

If you're an up-and-coming Xenobiologist or have always wanted to tame a space critter to be your best friend, that future might not be too far away. Perhaps we'll get DLC support in the future that lets you tame certain aliens to keep as pets. Maybe we'll have to find eggs and hatch them to raise our very own alien babies. Just stay away from the Terrormorphs!

However, pets could make for some great companions and even become favored by players over regular companions. Who needs Sarah Morgan when your cool space dinosaur will enable you in all your battles? Maybe that's how we get our own Dogmeat(in space).

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