Starfield Dirty Laundry Walkthrough

Starfield Dirty Laundry Walkthrough

Starfield Dirty Laundry Walkthrough

Learn how evidence is handled and removed after assassination attempts in the quest Dirty Laundry in Neon City.

How to unlock the Dirty Laundry Quest

You can find Manaia hanging out at the Astral Lounge in Neon City. Go to Neon on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii star system. Head into Bayu Plaza and make your way up to the Astral Lounge at the very end of it. Inside, you'll see Manaia near the left side of the bar counter. Speak to her about her work to start the Dirty Laundry quest.

starfield manaia at the astral lounge for dirty laundry quest
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Dirty Laundry Walkthrough

Pick Up the Merchandise

Manaia wants you to pick up the merchandise that her client left behind at Warehouse 03 after hastily attempting a hit on the intended target. Manaia was supposed to perform this hit, but the client rushed the job and left evidence at the site.

starfield speak to manaia about the dirty laundry job
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Head inside Warehouse 03 on the leftmost side of Ebbside. You might have to deal with some stragglers here if you haven't played through the Ebbside Strikers questline and cleared out the warehouse in the quest Showdown.

starfield discarded sidestar contraband dirty laundry quest
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The Sidestar will be marked as Contraband, and you'll find it inside a medical container.

Sell the Discarded Sidestar to Kolman Lang

Take the Discarded Sidestar to the Trade Authority shop in Bayu Plaza and speak to Kolman Lang. You can't sell it to him through the inventory menu and must choose the dialogue option for the Sidestar. Kolman says the weapon has too much heat and will buy it for only 500 Credits.

starfield dirty laundry lang sidestar dialogue
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If you have the Weapon Engineering skill, you can choose a dialogue option that has him cough up the normal 1500 Credits for the Sidestar.

starfield dirty laundry dialogue options with lang
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Return to Manaia

After you're done, return to Manaia at the Astral Lounge and tell her the job is done. She'll hand over your payment, concluding the Dirty Laundry quest.

starfield dirty laundry return to manaia
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Dirty Laundry Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level Dependant
starfield dirty laundry quest rewards
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That concludes our walkthrough for the Dirty Laundry quest in Starfield. Why not try out the Ryujin Industry questline for more quests in Neon City?

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