Play Starfield’s Digipick on Your Browser With This New Simulator

lockpicking game from starfield

lockpicking game from starfield

Lockpicking is a feature that all of Bethesda’s intellectual properties share, including its newest RPG, Starfield. The top-selling space exploration game even takes its twist on the action by making it futuristic, calling the new lockpicking Digipick.

The Digipick lock is a mandatory mini-game when you’re trying to open chests. You’ll need to slot lines into gaps in multiple rings to unlock a box. The goal is to slot all rings and ends when you’ve reached the center.

Mastering the Digipick is essential to unlock valuable loot in the game. It also progressively increases in difficulty the more you level up in Starfield.

Since Bethesda’s massive game is still exclusive to Xbox and PC, players who don’t have these systems can’t experience the Digipick game within Starfield. However, thanks to an independent developer, these players can now try Starfield-style lockpicking on their browsers.

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Credit: BB_Dev

The programmer BB_Dev uploaded the initial versions of his Digipick simulator, which runs on Unity and WebGL, on his website. He is making it open-source, which means people are free to modify the code to add new features or make their versions of his software.

The simulator allows you to play the minigame and set its difficulty to one of four levels: easy, advanced, expert, and master. Unlike the original version, the Digipick simulator lets you undo your moves a few times.

You can play as many Digipicks as you’d like. However, when you fail to complete the lockpicking, it automatically ends, and you can try again in the next 24 hours.

Starfield currently holds the distinction of being Bethesda’s biggest launch, surpassing its predecessors' sales figures upon release. The game took only three weeks to garner 10 million players and saw 6 million users in just two days after the official rollout.

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