Todd Howard Claims Platform Exclusivity is Good for Creativity

Bethesda's Todd Howard superimposed over a image featuring hearts

Bethesda's Todd Howard superimposed over a image featuring hearts

The topic of game exclusivity is one that’s characterized by a lively debate between those in favor and those who are opposed.

One title that has felt the heat of that debate is, of course, Starfield, which is currently only available on PC and Microsoft's Xbox X/S, in part, because developers Bethesda are owned by Microsoft.

And with the game now available worldwide, Bethesda's Todd Howard has weighed into the debate, claiming, in an interview with the BBC, that platform exclusivity is good for gamers.

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Credit: Bethesda

Howard told the BBC that exclusivity can benefit game development because it allows the production team to focus. The Starfield creator explained that knowing the limitations and capabilities of the single platform actually ensures a “better product.”

Howard also pointed out that exclusivity can help brand recognition, citing Zelda as an example.

“When you think of Zelda, you think of the Switch, and I think there are times when that can be a real benefit,” he explained.

Does such a statement close the door on Starfield ever landing on other platforms? It's very hard to say, though those without access to the game have had plenty to say.

PlayStation owners have barely been able to hide their enmity over Starfield's Xbox-exclusive status, either begging for the game via a petition or jumping on any perceived faults of the game, claiming Sony would have done it better.

While members of the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform are urging Nvidia to bring the open-world RPG over to the platform.

However, despite the noise, Microsoft or Bethesda have said nothing about the game coming to any other platforms, and likely won't for a long time yet.

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Credit: Reddit

It has been an interesting week in the Starfield community, with several early-access players showcasing their creative choices in the shipbuilder. It was only a matter of time, but, this week, we’ve seen at least two different interpretations of the Star Wars X-Wing starfighter in the Starfield universe.

At least one user has also published on social media their Starfield-themed take on Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon cruiser.

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