Starfield - 10 Million Users, Imagine Dragons Children of the Sky Video

imagine dragons space backdrop

imagine dragons space backdrop

Bethesda’s newest space exploration game, Starfield, continues to reach new heights as it breaks another milestone. Just a couple of weeks after the game was certified to reach 6 million users, Starfield has now reportedly hit the 10-million users mark.

Bethesda announced this on the official Starfield X account. This means that, after 5 million users signed on after the official release and 1 million users for early access, another 4 million went out to buy the game worldwide in the last two weeks.

These statistics indicate that Starfield will hold the title of Bethesda’s biggest launch for the next few years.

More and more people are expected to jump into Starfield, especially after Starfield joined the list of games that are available on the cloud gaming platform GeForce Now.

In other news, Imagine Dragons has posted on their X account a preview of the official music video to ‘Children in the Sky.’

Children in the Sky is a collaboration between Bethesda’s music composer and the band Imagine Dragons. The song was released to commemorate the start of Starfield’s early access period, which took place between September 1 and September 5.

The preview showed an astronaut walking outside his ship before jumping into space. However, his tether to his spacecraft disconnected and sent him tumbling around outer space without support.

The footage plays while the ‘Children in the Sky’ chorus section plays in the background.

In just 17 hours, the tweet and the video have garnered 222.6K views as of 9 AM London time. The YouTube video, on the other hand, has already reached 316K views.

Go ahead and watch the official music video of Children in the Sky.

In other news, fans have plenty to look forward to next year if leaked documents from the Federal Trade Commission show. According to the document, Elder Scrolls IV and Fallout 3 might be receiving remakes by fiscal year 2024.

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