Fan Creation of the Week - Starfield Wrap for Lenovo Legion

starfield wrap lenovo legion
Credit: Maia Combo/Bethesda

starfield wrap lenovo legion
Credit: Maia Combo/Bethesda

The Lenovo Legion is, without a doubt, a revolutionary piece of computing technology. It packs the power of a gaming rig into the portable frame of a laptop. If you’ve got one, you can certainly play Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, Starfield, on the go!

Why not take your gaming to the next level by adding a Starfield skin wrap on your Legion?

maia combo starfield lenovo legion wrap
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Credit: Reddit/Maia Combo

Reddit user maiacombo-std created this custom skin for the Lenovo Legion. Like all Starfield custom skins, this one features the predominantly white color scheme of the Constellation. It has the 4-color Starfield stripe and the Constellation logo above the Legion name on the back of the device.

The gaming control pads are also predominately white, but the buttons are black. The Starfield logo, also in black, is on the right-side pad, while the left-hand pad has blue, yellow, and red stripes.

We dived further into the creator’s profile and found it is the Reddit account of Dallas-based Maia Combo. Maia Combo creates personalized skins for various electronic devices, including cameras, lenses, computer keyboards, mice, and gaming consoles.

bethesda nzxt collaboration crft h5 flow pc case starfield
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Credit: BethesTda/NZXT

Bethesda had previously partnered with NZXT to create a line of limited-edition PC accessories under its CRFT-licensed products. The results of this collaboration included the H5 Flow compact mid-tower PC case and the Lift 2 Starfield Gaming Mouse and Starfield MXL900 extended mouse pad.

Through its Bethesda Softworks arm, Bethesda donated a set of exclusive Starfield merchandise to the Make-A-Wish America foundation.

The bundle included a Chronomark signed by Todd Howard, a customized Starfield skateboard, a Starfield-branded Wave 3: Elgato studio microphone, and a PC Player’s Dream Package comprised of a Starfield-branded AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPU and a Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU.

These items are currently up for bidding at the Foundation’s Luxe Silent auction.

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