Exclusive Starfield Merch to Be Auctioned for Make-A-Wish

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

Starfield fans will get the opportunity to get their hands on exclusive merchandise after Bethesda donated a series of limited edition Starfield items to the Make-a-Wish Luxe Silent auction.

Bundled in what Bethesda is calling the "PC Player's Dream Package," items include a signed copy of the Constellation Chronomark book inked by Todd Howard and other members of the team, as well as a skateboard with Starfield decals.

Of course, PC gamers dream of only the best graphics and highest performance, and to that, the bundle includes Starfield-branded AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPU and Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU.

A similarly Starfield-branded Wave: 3 Elgato studio microphone is the cherry on the cake.

The bundle is valued at $1,922, and bids are currently up to $1,690. If you love Starfield and feel charitable, you can bid in the online-only Luxe Silent auction here.

It's been a pretty feel-good couple of weeks. A similar fund-raising event for Make-A-Wish International, the international affiliate of Make-A-Wish America, took place online on February 2 and 3, courtesy of the Community Creations Con.

Also known as C3, the convention is a yearly virtual event that features modders of Bethesda games showcasing their works or sharing information on how they do their trade.

This year, C3 managed to raise a total of $9,012.77 from the two-day streaming event that was supported by Nexus Mods, Noble Chairs, GOG.com, and Bethesda Game Studios.

Bethesda also collaborated with Tempur last year to create the ultimate gaming chair, Starfield x TEMPUR Dream Chair, which reportedly uses fabrics approved by NASA for its past spacecraft.

After being showcased in various European gaming events, the Dream Chair was given to one lucky winner in the United Kingdom through a fundraising raffle in December.

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