Bethesda Reveals Starfield H5 Flow PC Case

starfield pc case

starfield pc case

Bethesda has entered into another partnership to promote its latest and most successful open-world game, Starfield. This time, it has partnered with NZXT to produce officially licensed Starfield-theme PC gaming gear.

The first product of its partnership is the Starfield H5 Flow case, which became available in the United States starting yesterday.

starfield pc case
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Credit: Bethesda / NZFT
Behold the Starfield H5 Flow Case

The H5 case features Starfield's white, blue, orange, and gold decals. The case is white, with a gold strip on the side and the Constellation logo emblazoned in the middle. It even has the words “Property of Constellation” printed below the emblem.

The case has a perforated front panel to improve interior ventilation and prevent overheating. It comes with two pre-installed F120Q fans and space at the bottom panel for an optional third fan. The access panels don’t require the use of a tool, so that you can open the case quickly and easily.

This is our favorite detail - a cable bar that carries the colors of the Constellation.

According to GameSpot, players can have the H5 Flow Case as part of the Player 2 pre-built computer rig. The Player 2 system is powered by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070Ti and AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, supported by 32GB of RAM. As for storage, the H5 Flow Case has 1TB available.

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Credit: Bethesda/Tempur
The Dream Chair for Starfield

Of course, this is only the first merchandise under this collaboration. Unfortunately, neither Bethesda nor NZXT has revealed the other products yet.

Starfield hardware has been popping left and right. We have the fantastic Tempur x Starfield Dream Chair, which visits Games Week in Paris in November before being awarded to one lucky winner in a charity raffle in the UK in December.

We also have the official Starfield wrap for the Xbox Series X, which came out on August 22, way ahead of early access.

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