Bethesda Is Giving One AMD GPU and CPU Set

Credit: X/Starfield

Credit: X/Starfield

After a few months of waiting, Starfield players can now enjoy the capabilities of AMD’s FSR3 upscaling technology to boost their FPS in a title that, admittedly, doesn't always get full marks for performance.

And it appears Bethesda's as excited about this development as we are.

On X, the Starfield official account announced that the company is giving away one Starfield AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPU and one Starfield AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU.

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Credit: X/Starfield

This GPU is the custom-designed graphics card used for custom Starfield builds like the iconic Vasco computer built by Rhoads PC. This GPU is also central to the setup for the custom Starfield PC recently displayed during the Dutch Comic Con.

The rules are simple - you only need to follow the official Starfield X account and reshare the promotion on your feeds. What are you waiting for? Log on to X now and join the giveaway. The promo is only good for one week, and the winner will be announced next Thursday!

AMD’s FSR3 technology has finally been integrated into Starfield via the latest update, Update 1.9.67. This comes a few weeks after AMD itself uploaded the FSR3 code to open-source format, allowing modders to create the appropriate mods.

One player observed improvements in the performance of his older Nvidia GPU after he used one of these mods, seamlessly achieving 60 FPS.

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