Vasco Is Space Walking Again!

vasco starfield starborn guardian ship
Credit: Bethesda

vasco starfield starborn guardian ship
Credit: Bethesda

Each one of the four main companions in Starfield has their personality quirks, but Vasco has the most entertaining ones of all. There are several instances of Redditors posting snaps of the huge and clunky robot blocking doorways, for example.

Of course, that’s what makes Vasco lovable as a companion, putting him in league with the sarcastic Codsworth in Fallout 4.

Over the weekend, it seems that the code controlling Vasco’s movements in Bethesda’s largest RPG yet has struck again. This time, it put Vasco on top of the player’s space vessel - while it is traveling in outer space!

The image and the caption speak for themselves. We’d understand if Todd Howard wanted his developers to turn Vasco into an astromech droid like Star Wars’ R2D2. However, why keep it as a glitch rather than make it an actual gameplay feature?

We do, however, understand that it also makes for a good laugh now and then, but this player is fortunate he got to experience this bug before it goes away forever. That’s because this specific glitch is part of the numerous fixes that will be addressed by the new update that’s currently in Steam Beta!

vasco missing unknown lore starfield
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Credit: Reddit
A little lore on Vasco

There seems to be more about Vasco than the storyline and Barrett are hinting at. For instance, a player has stumbled across an abandoned human settlement that had a whiteboard with Vasco’s picture in it with the words: “MISSING?”

The rest of the content on the whiteboard seems to suggest a secret violent past for our beloved Constellation robot as well.

A Model A was also found with sentience and awareness nearly similar to Vasco in an abandoned human outpost in Piazza II. The lonely robot can be heard asking the player if it’s true that there are more like him in the galaxy.

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