Player Finds Self-Aware Vasco-Like Robot in Piazzi II

starfield robot

starfield robot

Despite claims that planets in Starfield are boring and devoid of interesting points, many players are discovering the opposite. Take, for example, this Reddit user taosecurity. In one of his explorations, he came to Piazzi II and found a random civilian outpost he decided to enter.

Once he got in, he found nobody sentient. Instead, he found a lone, self-aware Robot Model A standing guard inside the outpost. The Robot Model A resembles Vasco but has a black finish and a semi-hostile personality.

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Credit: Reddit

Upon meeting him, the robot asks the player to tell his caretakers he desires a name since he is only known as Robot Model A. He then proceeds to try and recount his work experiences - he is aware that he’s worked on other planets, but he has no memory of them.

Like a curious kid, he asks the player, “Is it true? Are there other Model As?”

Then, he shifts to a defensive posture, threatening the player with murder if he tries to steal from the outpost. He also said that thanks to the outpost, he has worked and will always want to work.

The Model A is a lonely robot that has been left alone to fend for itself in the outpost in Piazzi II. Taosecurity seems to take pity on his predicament, expressing a desire to take the robot with him. Of course, he’s a non-companion NPC, so that’s not possible.

Speaking of companions, there’s an S-model Vasco that you can adopt as a companion if you install the appropriate mod. This is an offense-oriented version capable of devastating melee attacks and opponent takedown.

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