Make Your Chunks More Presentable With See-Through Packaging

starfield chunks

starfield chunks

Presentation is everything when it comes to food, even simple ones like junk food. Chunks are our characters’ main sustenance sources in Starfield's galaxy, so why should they have very pedestrian-looking opaque wrapping when they could be encased in presentable custom packages?

Unfortunately, Bethesda’s engineers designed the ubiquitous Chunk to look that way. However, that doesn’t mean there is naught that we can do about it.

Thanks to modder thesparkoflife, we can pimp up our chunks within proper packaging, with a carton, plastic casing, and printed box. Take a look at the masterpiece below.

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Credit: Nexus

The packaging comes with a label describing what food the chunk is supposed to be, so your character doesn’t have to deal with plenty of guesswork with regard to what they are eating. They also make great subjects for Photo Mode if you’re the type to take pictures of the food that you eat before consuming it.

Can’t wait to spice up your Chunks? Download the mod now from Nexus!

Thanks to their distinctive shape, Starfield’s Chunks are the most unique food items in gaming history. What's even more amazing about these morsels is that they could be replicated in real life.

For instance, someone imitated a Chunks breakfast of poached egg, spam, pork, and beans just a few days into Starfield’s early access period. Somebody recently accidentally made a pasta Chunk when he placed his Christmas pasta into a square-shaped food box.

Are you excited about Starfield’s survival mode? It might drop in a future update after Bethesda promised a series of patches that will change the user experience for players. In the meantime, you can use this Survival Mode mod in Nexus instead.

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