Fan Creation of the Week - Chunks Pasta Cube

starfield chunks pasta fan creation

starfield chunks pasta fan creation

Here at Starfield Portal, we actively scour through the information superhighway to find fan-made content we would like to feature for our Fan Creation of the Week posts.

This week, we’ve spotted a homemade pasta shaped like the iconic cube from the largest intergalactic restaurant in Starfield called Chunks.

starfield chunks
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As you can see, the pasta cube full of red sauce and bolognese is placed neatly onto a white plate without anything spilling from it. Biting into it would be either a great-tasting experience or a terrible one. We have something for you if you're willing to take the 50-50.

Responding to accusations of the pasta probably tasting bad, the author replied.

"Nope you're wrong. I live in turkey and I made this sauce by myself. I roasted some tomatoes, garlic and hot pepper then blend them. Mixed it with a nice amount of coconut cream and added little bit of orange juice and orange zest for citrus undertone.

Trust me its taste was Allright lol"

Maybe you should try out your Chunks pasta recipe if you feel you can outdo this one. Perhaps we'll see more Chunks-like creations coming from players very soon!

We encourage you to keep your fan creations coming. We’re always watching, so you might be the next creator we will feature here on Starfield Portal.

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