Starfield Blast Zone Walkthrough

starfield blast zone mining laser

starfield blast zone mining laser

Blast Zone is a relatively straightforward quest, but it can mean a lot to the people down on their luck living in The Stretch.

How to Unlock Blast Zone

To unlock the Blast Zone quest, you need to speak to Nogdup Tate and pick the option "Nice to meet you. Goodbye". He will ask you to help with a problem and start the Blast Zone quest. If you're having trouble finding him, then follow the path on the left of the Rock until you see him on the left outside the Core Manor.

starfield blast zone ngodup location
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You can also overhear some Akila City guards talking about this and get an activity that would let you go directly to Ngodup Tate.

Blast Zone Walkthrough

Speak to Ngodup Tate

When you speak to Ngodup Tate, for some reason, his sixth sense identifies you as a miner, and he asks you to help with some rock removal in The Stretch as he wants to help create affordable housing in the area. You can accept this quick and easy quest and get right to it. He will also give you a Cutter if you've dropped yours off somewhere.

starfield blast zone ngodup dialogue
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If you're interested in owning property or burning Credits, be sure to ask him about his real estate available for sale. You can purchase two houses in Akila City through him.

Clear out the Hard Rock on Tate's Land (0/6)

Head down towards The Stretch, and you will see all six rocks marked if you have the quest set as active. There's no catch and no sudden interaction here. Just blast away all six rocks with the Cutter, and you will complete the task.

starfield blast zone mining hard rock blast
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Report back to Ngodup Tate

Return to Ngodup Tate and tell him you're done with the job. He will thank you and give you your reward. This ends the quest, Blast Zone.

starfield blast zone ngodup report
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Blast Zone Quest Rewards

  • XP - 50
  • Credits - Level Dependant

This concludes our guide for the Blast Zone quest. If you want to help Akila City some more, try out the quest Charity of the Wolf.

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