Starfield Alternating Currents Walkthrough

starfield the trade authority in the well

starfield the trade authority in the well

Follow up on the previous quest and help Lousia Reyez track down the source of the power being siphoned in The Well during the Alternating Currents quest.

How to unlock Alternating Currents

You unlock alternating currents after completing the previous quest, Tapping the Grid. Once you have completed it, speak to Lousia Reyez in the security booth where you finished the last quest and offer to help her deal with Zoe Kaminski.

starfield alternating currents speak to louisa
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Alternating Currents Walkthrough

Follow Lousia Reyez

Speak to Lousia Reyez and offer to help her deal with the 'intimidating' Zoe Kaminski at the Trade Authority. She'll ask you to follow her there. She'll slowly make her way to the Trade Authority. If you want to speed it up, sit and wait an hour at any nearby bench.

starfield alternating currents follow louisa
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Wait for Lousia Reyez

Once you get to the Trade Authority, you have to wait for Lousia and Zoe to finish their talks, and they will decide to collaborate on the issue together.

starfield alternating currents wait for zoe and louisa
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Locate the Junction Box

You'll need to find a junction box on the higher platforms in The Well. Be sure to have a boost pack equipped to make your way up there. Otherwise, you'll have to walk around the stairs next to the bar on the right side. Hop across the platform and turn it off.

starfield alternating currents junction box up on platform
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Locate the Junction Box 45A OR Locate Junction Box 47B

Zoe and Louisa will both ask you to go to different junction boxes. Your choice here doesn't change anything besides adding two confusing new quest markers. You can go to the closest one and turn it off.

starfield alternating currents junction box 47B
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Locate the Power Drain's Source

The last junction box is located on the surface of New Atlantis. You have to take an elevator and leave The Well. Make your way to the Residential District of New Atlantis. The junction box you're looking for is on the exterior of the Athena Tower.

starfield alternating currents athena tower
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Access the Apartment

The source of the power drain is an apartment inside Athena Tower. Take the elevator and go up to the rooms. You'll need a Digipick to open the Novice difficulty lock.

starfield alternating currents locked door
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Find Evidence

Inside, you must interact with the living room computer terminal. Access the second folder and download the files. The data shows that the owner was siphoning power from The Well to steal Credits from Galbank. Now, you have to decide who you give this data to.

starfield alternating currents unauthorized computer
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Should You Deliver Evidence to Zoe or Lousia?

You can now choose to give the data to either Zoe or Louisa.

  • Siding with Zoe gives you 75 XP and 2500 Credits.
  • Siding with Louisa gives you 100XP and 200 Credits.
starfield alternating currents zoe or louisa choice
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As for story implications, you'll get a different dialogue set at the end of the quest. Whoever you choose not to give the data to will be disappointed in you.

Alternating Currents Quest Rewards

  • Depends on the choice made

That concludes our guide for the Alternating Currents Quest in New Atlantis. Next, try out the Primary Sources quest to unlock even more quests in The Well.

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