Mod of the Week - Honey, I Shrunk My Adoring Fan!

adoring fan starfield

adoring fan starfield

Take it or leave it - the Adoring Fan is undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters in Starfield. While many players consider him a mild annoyance, other players see the value of his actions, especially when defending the Space Explorer from allegations of piracy and murder and against actual opponents in a firefight.

The Adoring Fan is also a source of constant comedy, especially on Reddit, where people upload all sorts of videos that involve him and some premeditated murder. At least this new mod on Nexus makes fun of this very clingy character in a manner that doesn’t hurt him.

The mod we’re talking about here is the “Tiny Adoring Fan,” uploaded on the 26th by the modder InquisitorOverhaulsReturn. Take a look at what it does through the video below.

As you can see, the effect of this mod is purely aesthetic. It simply shrinks the Adoring Fan to about a child’s size, but this does nothing to his personality. So, in other words, this mod turns him into a smaller version of himself without diminishing his being clingy and, in some cases, annoying.

InquisitorOverhaulsReturn is new to the Starfield modding scene, having begun only in the past three months. Last week, we also featured one of his mods here at Starfield Portal - the Ship Builder Grid Removal mod, which removes the thousands of grid lines in the builder menu.

It’s crazy what people can do with mods for Starfield, even when there is no official Creation Kit available yet. Todd Howard has promised that official modding support will arrive in 2024.

In the meantime, we were given a preview of what might come to pass for Starfield regarding mods after Bethesda released a surprise update for Skyrim early this month after putting down the Skyrim Mods website and the Creation Club for maintenance.

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