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starfield ship builder

starfield ship builder

Howdy, explorers! If you’re the sort that loves to build ships but is annoyed at the grid lines the game forces you to use to align your parts, then you’re going to love our Mod of the Week feature. It is called Ship Builder Grid Removal Mod and does precisely what the name says.

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Credit: Nexus

Just like you, the creator of this mod was displeased with how distracting the grid lines can be while he was building his ship and decided to take matters into his own hands. The creator said in the description page that removing the 10,000 gridlines might improve the GPU’s performance.

This creation does not require much installation for such a beneficial quality-of-life mod. The user must download the NIF file from the downloads page and copy it to the ships folder under the meshes upper-level address under the Starfield Data location.

The creator also said that he’ll be creating numerous new mods and is seeking financial support from anybody who might have a little extra to donate for his efforts.

Be sure to check this handy Trade Kiosk mod that lets you convert your junk into usable resources from the comfort of your outposts. This Kiosk will also receive contraband with open arms, so you need not worry about the scanners of the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies.

There are plenty of features in Starfield that mods were able to create just a few weeks after the game’s release. Next year, however, we could expect a slew of releases and new features every six weeks, roughly, from Bethesda, as promised in a recent press release.

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