Fan Creation of the Week - Clay Chunks With Packaging

starfield chunks

starfield chunks

There are many ways that Starfield emulates what human life would be like when everyone has become a space explorer. One of these is the creation of ubiquitous food items like Chunks, which can be anything from meat to soft drinks compressed into a small square item.

We’ve heard of people bringing real life to Starfield, like replacing in-game food and drink with their real-life counterparts. We’ve also encountered people who bring Starfield to life, like crocheting an actual Whilby and creating a physical sanitation mini-bot.

Of course, Chunks is no exception, as somebody has already recreated what an actual Chunks breakfast would look like a few weeks ago. Now, another user has decided to create real-life Chunks, but this time with clay.

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Credit: Reddit

Just to be clear, it’s made of clay, so it’s not edible, unlike the first real-life recreation of Chunks with what seems to be Spam and fried eggs. In this example, he recreated a Poached Egg Chunk, a Brownie Chunk, and a Chunk that seems to be a white cake with strawberry topping.

The reactions to the post were all positive, with the creations being hailed as “cool” and “neat.” One user even encouraged the creator, username Biggersteinkins, to “Hit ‘em with the secret sauce.”

“Secret Sauce” is the name of a side quest that compelled players, should they choose to go through with the mission, to collect the Chunks Special Sauce in Neon City and deliver it back to Luthor.

For their trouble, Luthor will give them one Packaged Chunk Beef and 75 experience points.

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