Mod Replaces Starfield Drinks With Real-Life Counterparts

capri sun and boom pop cherry

capri sun and boom pop cherry

Do you want to put a taste of humanity’s home planet into Starfield? You’re in luck because a new mod has appeared on Nexus Mods that allows you to do exactly that.

The “Old World Drinks Pouches” mod retextures the game’s default Boom Pop drinks with their equivalents in the Capri-Sun drink pouches. For instance, the Boom Pop! Cherry is turned into the Capri-Sun Cherry drink.

The Boom Pop! Root Beer becomes the Dad’s Old-Fashioned Root Beer, and so on.

The mod was uploaded on Thursday last week, September 28th. So far, it already has 301 total downloads. The modder also said that this is only the first of several mods, with future mods working to introduce more Earth brands into Starfield.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

He added that the project aims to retexture all food and drinks in Starfield and replace them with their real-life equivalents on Earth. The brands the project will introduce include Coca-Cola, Kraft, Jimbell, and Robert Wiseman Dairy.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

This is the second mod to feature the “Old World” versions of Starfield’s food and drink. The other mod called the “Old World Refreshments” mod, re-textures certain food, drink, and vending machines into their Fallout equivalents.

This mod re-textures the Boom Pop! Coke with Fallout’s Original Nuka-Cola, while the Fancy Lad Snack Cake and Sugar Bombs Vending Machines replace the Centauri Mills Vending Machines in Starfield.

Last week, a Youtuber uploaded game footage from Starfield but with the player wearing the colors of N7 from Mass Effect. The uploader said he used multiple mods that retextured his character’s apparel and turned them into the N7 armor and jacket.

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