Redditor Shares Terrifying Encounter With Alpha-Omega Terrormorph



The Terrormorph is one of the most terrifying creatures you can fight on Starfield. Adding an “Alpha” prefix to its name only means that it scores higher in the terrifying factor than its standard counterparts.

You don’t want to cross paths with such a behemoth. Yet, this Redditor, who goes by the handle of blazer380, has, in his good fortune, come face to face with an Alpha-Omega Terrormorph. This one is probably 20 times the size of an Alpha Terrormorph… and 20 times the speed.

We won’t know where this encounter took place because blazer380 has cropped off the part of the screen where we could have otherwise ascertained the planet or moon. Maybe he wants to protect the Terrormorph’s privacy?

In any case, the Redditor explained that the 'Terrormorph' is his own creation. He used console commands on PC - sorry, Xbox Series players. Specifically, he applied the setscale command to the Terrormorph’s form ID and set the value to 20.

Several Redditors were quick to notice the creature’s unnatural speed. The Redditor explained that the setscale command is not limited only to creature size. All attributes are scaled up, including the creature’s movement speed.

“Limitations of console commands,” blazer380 lamented in a reply to a comment.

Speaking of consoles, there is a chance that your Xbox Series X and S consoles might be able to run Starfield at 60 frames per second in the future. This is due to impressive performance from a Ryzen 5 3600, with which the Series X shares a performance profile, after installing the official Bethesda DLSS3 patch.

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