Players Test the Official DLSS Patch

todd howard

todd howard

After two months, Bethesda has finally released a patch that adds native DLSS support with frame generation for Starfield. The patch is still in the Beta testing phase, with trials taking place on the Steam Beta platform.

Player reception, in the meantime, has been very positive. As previously reported with the unofficial DLSS mods, the patch increases Nvidia GPU performances when playing Starfield.

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Credit: Reddit/Screenshot

Reddit user _ok_mate_ posted a thread on the official Starfield subreddit, revealing that his wife’s computer is now happily processing graphics in the game at 100 frames per second at ultra HD resolution.

The machine runs on the Nvidia 3080Ti with a 7800x3d. He has yet to try out the patch on his computer, which runs on a 4090 and is capable of DLSS and frame generation.

As of this time, there has only been one response, which came from user Slicer0007. Slicer0007 said that he also saw a boost in frame rates when entering the cities of New Atlantis and Akila. Before the patch, He only got up to 60 fps max on his 4080 GPU.

He said his computer runs smoothly at more than 80 fps with the patch on.

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Credit: Nvidia

DLSS3 support was a controversial topic in the weeks following Starfield's launch. While he had a DLSS2 mod without frame generation available for free on Nexus, PureDark attempted to capitalize on the demand by putting his DLSS3 mod behind a Patreon paywall.

He attracted the attention of the modding community when he implemented DRM on his mod to ensure that only his patrons could use it after paying. In response, hackers cracked the DRM and made the mod available for free.

Nvidia also attempted to remedy the issue by releasing a new version of its GameReady driver.

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