Player Claims to Find the Smugglers Relay Event in Starfield

millennium falcon starfield smugglers ship
Credit: Bethesda/Lucasfilm

millennium falcon starfield smugglers ship
Credit: Bethesda/Lucasfilm

The surprises never stop coming for Starfield players, especially with the hotfix that just rolled out and the upcoming update currently in Steam Beta. Every day, we hope to see something new coming from the playing community, and you guys will never disappoint.

Today, we learn about a supposedly new event in Starfield called the Smugglers’ Relay—at least, this is what the Redditor 7BitBrian calls it in his thread in the Starfield subreddit.

According to 7BitBrian, he traveled in space as a Starborn to gather the artifacts in his new universe when he came across a 'Relay Satellite.' As expected of an innately curious space explorer, he activated the satellite. He found himself surprised after a Smuggler’s ship arrived after just a few moments.

Afterward, the Redditor said he received a communication from the ship, whose captain was offering him some - presumably - contraband items for sale. 7BitBrian gave it a try and purchased a few guns of “decent” quality, 11 Digipicks, and some Aurora. However, he didn’t specify how many credits he had spent on that transaction.

Then he did what every good spacefarer would do—report the smuggler captain. As expected, he was attacked for doing his duty as a good citizen of the Settled Systems. He must’ve made it through since he could tell us the tale on Reddit.

geothermal plant kreet
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Credit: Bethesda/X
I have the high ground.

It seems that there’s plenty of hidden content waiting to be discovered on Starfield. Last week, a player went through NG+, visited Kreet, and came across a geothermal plant he had not seen in his previous games.

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