New Atlantis Gets a New Guardian - The Galactic Empire

star wars starfield

star wars starfield

There is one thing in common with Starfield and the Star Wars franchise - the vast galaxy where the tales occur. Star Wars had the Galactic Empire as an antagonist, a formidable military-led government whose reach stretched across the galaxy.

What happens when the Galactic Empire reaches the heart of the United Colonies? Would there be a war, or will there be a compromise where the Empire is allowed to turn the UC into a protectorate?

We’ll never know, but we’ll at least be able to see what it looks like thanks to this mod called “Star Wars New Atlantis Star Destroyer.”

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Credit: Nexus

This mod is purely aesthetic, albeit an impressive one. When you implement this in your game, you’ll be able to see an Imperial Star Destroyer hovering over the city of New Atlantis like a silent guardian. It also puts the scale of New Atlantis into perspective, being the biggest metropolis that Bethesda has designed so far.

Unfortunately, aside from providing shade to the city, the Star Destroyer is non-functional, as it is incapable of combat. It does make for a great Photo Mode opportunity at the top of the MAST Building, over which the Star Destroyer is hovering.

The modder said he put the Star Destroyer at an altitude that would minimize clipping during collisions with the player’s ship but warned that there’s always 'the odd one' making it through.

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