Modder Uploads New Atlantis Map to Aid Explorers

new atlantis map

new atlantis map

Exploring an open-world game can be a jarring experience if you are unsure where you’re heading. If you think cities are easier to navigate than the wastelands, you need to change that mindset. In Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, Starfield, cities are the most difficult to navigate because no maps are available to guide you.

This is especially true in New Atlantis, which Bethesda described as its biggest city to date. Most players must navigate by memory, which isn’t always reliable given the area’s size. Fret no more because a mod has been available that gives you a map of New Atlantis.

With this mod installed, you can now see a map when you walk into the biggest city of the United Colonies. What it does is that it swaps the billboards all around the city with a directory and a map of the city. Check out the image below.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

According to PC Gamer, the mod’s creator, JustOkayGamer, created the map using the one drafted by Wojtek Antonowicz over at

In related news, another Fallout mod came out at Nexus Mods that swaps Starfield's food and beverage items with those of the Fallout franchise.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

You can look up “Old World Refreshments” on Nexus to find this mod, which is guaranteed to invoke feelings of nostalgia for the Earth that humanity has abandoned in Starfield.

Starfield would’ve also featured Washington D.C. from Fallout 3 if things had gone according to plan. You would’ve been able to explore that ruined city when you visited the abandoned Earth.

However, Todd Howard said that they decided to scrap that plan and many others because of time constraints, which were worsened by the pandemic.

Starfield has become and continues to be Bethesda’s largest and most successful release yet, with the breaking of the 10-million milestone in player count. This took place barely two weeks after the official release on September 6.

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