Did You Complete This Obscure Skyrim Quest?

Credit: Bethesda/screenshot

Credit: Bethesda/screenshot

It’s 2024, and people are still playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Reddit's Best Game of all Time. This mountainous area of Tamriel contains so much content that players continue to unearth hidden Easter eggs and unknown quests all the time.

This thread on Reddit is further proof that there is still a ton of content in the Skyrim base game that many players have not yet encountered.

In this thread, user IRuinYourPrompt asked those Redditors who have supposedly finished all quests in Skyrim to identify which quests get overlooked in many players’ runs.

The most voted comment, posted by Gloomy-Helicopter113, suggested the oft-ignored quest as the one assigned by the East Empire Company Guard at the Docks.

User Goldman250 immediately commented that, despite playing Skyrim for a decade, he had no idea such a quest existed. SadisticBuddhist chimed in agreement, calling the lack of knowledge regarding the quest “insane.”

To get to the quest, user CherryGrabber said, players only need to approach a “guy that works in the office [near the docks]” before going to the Imperial legionnaire on the docks and boarding the ship to an off-map island.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

Coincidentally, the flow of the quest is similar to what is in store for players when they install the Wyrmstooth DLC. In this DLC, the East Empire Company tasks the Dragonborn to eliminate a dragon on the eponymous island.

On the island, the player can find numerous new dungeons and loads of exclusive weapons, spells, and armor.

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