Mod Brings the Dragonborn to a New Island in Skyrim



Skyrim’s longevity is highly impressive, thanks to its vibrant modding community. It’s existed for over a decade, yet new content steadily pops up and brings a fresh experience to what is undeniably the best entry into the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Of course, we can expect nothing but the best from the mod Wyrmstooth from modder Jonx0r. This mod is free to download from Nexus and has garnered roughly 2 million total downloads as of today, February 9.

According to the mod’s description page, Wyrmstooth is named for the eponymous new island that the mod creates in the world of Tamriel. The island is north of the Sea of Ghosts and is home to a dragon that seems to have developed an appetite for trade ships passing near it.

It’s up to the Dragonborn to eliminate this dragon in a brand-new quest financed by the East Empire Company.

The mod boasts of creating “one of the largest dungeons in Tamriel,” which is yours to explore and loot to your heart’s content alone or in the company of new mercenaries you’re free to hire.

Wyrmstooth also allows you to purchase an abandoned imperial fort and turn it into a fully functioning domain, complete with troops for defense and upkeep.

Last but not least, this new mod gives you access to new weapons and shields via treasure chests and dungeons scattered throughout the island. You can also build new Spells and equip a new Shout.

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Credit: Nexus/Jonx0r
The new dragon in Wyrmstooth

There are no official updates from Bethesda about the content of the next ES game, but fans get a glimpse of what might come - the new Scribing system for spells in The Elder Scrolls Online. This new feature is described as a “precursor” to the spellcasting system in Oblivion, which was discontinued in Skyrim.

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