Ship of the Week - The Never Given Cargo Ship

starfield starship

starfield starship

Howdy, explorers! Are you ready for the weekend? In this case, it’s still Friday and undoubtedly time for our Starfield Ship of the Week pick. First, take a look at the picture below and see if it reminds you of anything.

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The builder of this ship, Gary Noble from the STARFIELD Besthesda Gaming Community, has named it the “Never Given.” If the name and color theme rings a bell, that's because it’s based on the actual ship Ever Given, which had more than 15 minutes of fame after it got stuck sideways in the Suez Canal in 2020.

That’s what Gary was alluding to when he described the ship as having an “unfortunate tendency to get stuck sideways in busy space lanes.” In addition, he said that the ship has very low maneuverability at 39.

Those are the reasons why we picked his creation for Ship of the Week - the sheer functionality and the humor embedded into its existence. Who didn’t pick on the Ever Given while it was stuck in the Suez Canal, after all? Someone even made an app that allowed you to stick the cargo ship in every major waterway in the world.

Speaking of ships in Starfield, do you feel your ship’s interiors are pure vanilla, like every ship’s insides are the same no matter how you design the outside? You might want to try a mod that lets you access the builder inside the ship to arrange everything as you see fit.

Starfield has been seeing plenty of criticism, prompting Bethesda’s customer support reps to start responding to negative reviews on Steam. Yesterday, design director Emil Pagliarulo joined the fray with a post on X accusing critics of being “disconnected.”

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