The Fallout TV Show Has Birthed a New Generation of Fallout 76 Players

a woman is standing in front of a sign that says `` green country '' .
Credit: Bethesda | Amazon Prime Video

a woman is standing in front of a sign that says `` green country '' .
Credit: Bethesda | Amazon Prime Video

Since the premiere of the Fallout TV show, Fallout 76 has garnered a new generation of players, who became part of the game’s highest concurrent player record. Fallout 76 recently released its Skyline Valley update, featuring the game’s first map expansion. Now, three months after the TV series pilot episode, these new players share their progress and builds.

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/Dk171105, they asked the new players who got into Fallout 76 because of the show their levels and builds ever since they started playing the game. One comment stood out among the rest, in which the player shared that they are currently at level 439 and have never gotten off the game. Another player stated that they started playing during the game’s launch and were put off by how unpolished the game was, but now they are sitting at level 150 commando build after seeing how much the game improved throughout the years. One player even shared that their wife, who started playing Fallout 76 despite not touching any video game before, is now at level 190 and is rocking a full tank build.

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This just goes to show the reach that the TV show has given to the game, allowing players unfamiliar with Fallout to check and try playing Fallout 76. Many other games can benefit from this strategy, but the film and TV adaptations have to be as spectacular as the Fallout TV show to properly reflect the game title.

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Credit: Bethesda

In other Bethesda news, The Elder Scrolls Online will release Update 43 this August. With new base-game improvements, players can now take Home Tours and recommend homes they like in the Activity Finder. The Infinite Archive will also receive new updates, allowing players to complete more quests and earn more rewards.

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