Fallout 76 Will Reward Players With Outposts Similar to Houses in Skyrim

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Credit: Bethesda

a cartoon of a man giving a thumbs up next to a picture of a woman .
Credit: Bethesda

The Skyline Valley update brought the wasteland adventurers to a post-apocalyptic version of Shenandoah National Park and new locations, such as the fabled Vault 63.

Based on Bethesda's Fallout 76 2024 roadmap, a new major update and a brand-new season will be released in September 2024.

This update has not been officially announced, but teasers, leaks, and details about the “Milepost Zero” update have been circulating among the Fallout 76 community.

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Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda Games Studios lead designer Carl McKevitt teased the Milepost Zero update over the BGS Discord shortly after the Skyline Valley update went live using a video from YouTuber T0nik.

In the video, they described Milepost Zero as having a few quests focusing the Blue Ridge Caravan Company on escort missions around Skyline Valley.

Players who finish these missions will unlock an outpost of their own, similar to what players had in Skyrim.

These outposts can be upgraded over time, decorated with furniture and items, and populated with NPC merchants who sell unique items available only to purchase in these outposts.

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Mischief Night will also return as a Halloween event for Fallout 76, possibly with new changes. These updates will arrive in September 2024, but an official statement from Bethesda has not been made as of writing.

In other Fallout 76 news, the Skyline Valley update is now live and brings in several neat additions such as the Dangerous Pastimes and Neurological Warfare public events. Season 17 is also live with the Pioneer Scouts.

Players can decorate their C.A.M.P. with scouting and camping-themed items while engaging in various seasonal activities.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran ready to explore the Skyline Valley or a newbie trying to set things up in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, be sure to stay updated with everything in Bethesda by following Starfield Portal.

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