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Credit: Nexus Mods

Credit: Nexus Mods

We find space in Starfield to be a vast farmland just waiting to be harvested.

While many players just see asteroids as occasional debris fields waiting to be cleared or as pesky companions, we see asteroids as rich but untapped resource areas. We’re sure many others agree with us, too.

There are console commands that let players step out of their ships to walk on asteroids and build outposts to harness them for resources. However, if you’re not fond of console commands, you can head over to Nexus and install this mod from senterpat.

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Credit: Nexus
More resources from asteroids!

This mod makes mining asteroids a more productive affair. Instead of being limited by the amount of resources that Bethesda has assigned to the asteroids, the mod increases these amounts and improves the variety. The bigger the rock, the more loot you can get to make the effort worthwhile.

The mod also gives you better odds of getting rare or unique resources. However, they remain elusive and available only to the most industrious explorers!

Last but not least, you get additional motivation to keep exploring and gain experience in other activities. That’s because the higher your level, the higher the chance the asteroid will give you bonuses!

Aside from asteroids, this mod also increases the probability of finding loot among space debris, which could contain cargo modules.

So, go on over and download the mod from Nexus! Make sure to uninstall any similar mods in your load order to avoid possible conflicts.

Both Xbox and PC players can now enjoy the benefits of AMD’s FSR3, thanks to the latest update from Bethesda. Update 1.9.67 has just exited from Steam Beta and is now available to download!

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