Run Starfield at 60 FPS on Older GPU’s With This Mod

starfield amd

starfield amd

Starfield's graphical performance has been a much-discussed topic in the weeks following its launch on September 6. Nvidia’s 40-series GPUs suffered from FPS drops due to the lack of native DLSS3 support, which eventually arrived in the game in a patch last month.

However, this left out AMD GPUs and older Nvidia cards from the 60 FPS or higher rates that PCs were supposed to run at while playing Starfield. Bethesda had promised support for FSR3, AMD’s equivalent of the DLSS3 technology in Nvidia, but there was no specific date.

In an unexpected turn of events, AMD, which was supposed to be Bethesda’s exclusive tech partner for Starfield, decided to make the FSR3 frame generation technology source code available to the public this week.

It was only a matter of time before someone made a mod that would make FSR3 available to Starfield and all games that run on DLSS3. Today, we saw our first sample video of a player using a Nvidia RTX 2060 using frame generation and achieving 60 FPS while playing Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG.

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Credit: Reddit
That's 60 FPS right there. Lovely.

As you can see from the screenshot, the player boosted their rig’s frame rate from 30-40 FPS to an almost steady 60 FPS. The frame rate may drop to 58 FPS but never lower than 57 and even up to 68 FPS.

Starfield’s FSR3 frame generation has finally arrived, thanks to AMD’s decision to upload the source code into an open-source format.

The official FSR3 support may be pretty close, as well. Bethesda has promised a series of updates that will come up every six weeks beginning in February. These updates are also expected to bring in new modes of travel, among others.

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