You Can Literally Command an Army in Starfield

starfield companions

starfield companions

Starfield already gives you four companions to work with, each with their own personality and reasons to dislike whatever you’re doing. You can also enter into a romantic relationship with one of the four and enjoy the perks it brings - including a 15% XP bonus after having sex.

How does having an entire army of followers sound to you? If you can handle the extremely “loyal” Adoring Fan and the varying moods of your four main companions, you can certainly handle a horde of NPCs trailing behind you wherever you go.

That is now possible, thanks to this curious mod called “Swiftly Order Squad - Multiple Followers - Group Commands.”

Simply put, this mod allows you to bring into your party an endless number of followers from the NPCs that you encounter throughout the game. These can include Vasco, the Adoring Fan, and literally any NPC in Starfield that has a follower dialogue.

In other words, while it indicates an unlimited number of followers, the mod actually limits you to only those characters that have dialogue written in the script. Non-speaking NPCs don’t count, but there’s actually another mod out there that lets you recruit those as “pets,” together with fauna.

The mod lets you control these disciples through a communicator, which can be assigned a hotkey. There’s only one caveat to this mod, however - your followers will definitely try to talk simultaneously to deliver commentary.

If you can handle that, go ahead and download the mod free of charge from Nexus.

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Credit: Nexus
Don't worry, boy is harmless....

As mentioned above, there’s a mod called “Pet Follower” that lets you “recruit” an animal, robot, or NPC with the press of a key. Your adoptees will immediately be bestowed with unlimited HP and level 100 stats.

There’s also no limit as to how many you can adopt into your team, but you can also use another hotkey to let one of them go whenever you’d like to.

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